Intellectual Output 1

Analysis of best practices for ICT and innovative methodologies in science education in Italy, Greece and Portugal end synthesis document.
Exchange experiences between partners according follow guidelines. Each partner has to collect experiences and/or recommendations of its country about the following points - please, keep in mind that all the contents have to be addressed to students aged related 8 to 12:

  1. Description of Education System of each country and correspondence school levels of 8 to 12 age (Eurydice) and related school curriculum (max 1 page)
  2. National recommendations and guidelines for preparation and implementation of curricular materials (max 2 pages)
  3. Experiences or recommendationsabout the use of cultural heritage, especially if issued from scientific museums, and about the use of ICTs by science teachers (max 1 page)
  4. Experiences and materials for making cross-disciplinarydidactic units (max 1 page)
  5. Experiences of innovative practices in science teaching and in evaluating the impact for learning improvement
  6. Possible issues and concerns
  7. Do you know any concrete museum experience of museums using/share its heritage, also online, to help teacher to teach science? If yes, please describe and provide references.