Intellectual Output 3

Responsible University of Coimbra & Directorate of Primary Education of Achaia

This step includes the development of methodologies and guidelines for using digital resources to be integrated with formal content to make multimedia lessons by teachers. The aim will be to prepare a teachers using the platform and for making the trial of a teaching connected to curriculum goals related to the sciences.
The partner schools will form an interdisciplinary team to experience the technological and scientific expertise to accomplish: :

  1. the sharing of different skills to the introduction of science subjects in various curricular contexts,
  2. selection of digital resources and potential of the proposed instrument commitment to activate the interest and involvement of the students.
The guidelines put into play the different experiences of training that will be exploited by the institutions involved in the implementation of project work designed to test and validate the proposed methodology. Definition of learning objectives and preparation of questionnaires for the evaluation / validation of experimental teaching.
On this phase we will define the learning objectives identified in relation to scientific skill.
The questionnaires will be prepared to be administered to students before and after the teaching and identified control classes to experimentation for each school. With this mode it is possible to evaluate the improvement of learning in the curriculum of science among students who will have the opportunity to follow a course of study with the help of non-formal digital content integrated with the more traditional. The oriented educational partners will work to such processing (Escrow 6 days per partner) with the production of questionnaires and evaluation mode also about the OECD / PISA survey devices.