Short Training Meeting

(Rome, Italy, 17-21 January 2017)

The meeting was held at Digilab research Center of Sapienza University in Rome.
24 teachers of each country partner attended at the course.
The activities:

  • How to access digital cultural heritage resources
  • Conceptual map system
  • NON formal content integrated in didactic unit
  • Digital cultural heritage resources for science teaching
  • Making multidisciplinary lessons
  • Access to prototyping platform to access and re-use digital resources and to share educational content
  • Discussion

The aim of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge and the skills in order to use cultural heritage as a non-formal content to make multimedia lesson for involving student in science learning.

Working Language: English

The course has provided a collaborative work. The teachers of the various countries were divided into small groups according to the age of students.

During the training had visit the Sapienza Museum and had experimentation of Platform to kept image and content of cultural objects for making multimedia lesson.